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Seven-effectiveness analysis of the development of Chinas mold industry

With the changes in enterprise development and competitiveness, the mold industryenterprise ERP personalized increasingly high demand, more and more mold on-lineERP system, electronic distribution and delivery of information; information is automatically stored, copyoperations, classified; fast query and report printout ofinformation automation, reflecting the benefits:

First, through IT innovation to optimize the day-to-day management and operation mode;

Second, through the implementation of the project plan a more orderly, more stable andcontrollable production;

Third, we can better establish standardized and efficient operations management model;

Will make inventory reduction, raw materials and accessories is more reasonable and accurate;

Fifth, to better utilization of funds to improve, speed up the turnover rate, rational use andfunding arrangements;

Sixth, the acceleration of business processes, a significant reduction in time of document approval time and labor information processing;

Seventh, also makes the product cost to improve the accuracy.

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