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School-enterprise once again the depth of cooperation mold talent to compete with

13 pm, when the mold NC Division of Vocational and Technical School 200 students entered the lecture hall, the mold business representatives to recruit 43"restless", and some frequent shuttling students between the distribution of business cards. Some put up a recruitment brochure to show the strength of the company, some mobilization sessions of vocational technical school graduates to the scene on their own experiences It is understood that the day held in the mold talent exchange a total of 43 mold companies into the school to recruit, they provided a total of 238 jobs, this is also the city mold Association first group into the school recruitment.

Just vocational technical school mold, CNC professional with our counterparts, the vocational-school technical education through systematic training, solid foundation, faster integration into the plasticity and the recruitment of skilled workers in the community learned through years of work experience some expertise, but often because the foundation is not real, cause to become professionals, will shape they do not understand the design, and develop a bad habit of operating in self, and sometimes it is difficult to change."super stamina mold factory Manager Xu Yi told reporters. He said, was the first time to post technical school recruitment, but he took great expectations,"Last year we mold companies involved in the change the materials, to put forward some suggestions on teaching the details of these students should meet our requirements."

Recruitment booth of the tractor Group Zhejiang tractor Automotive Body Co., Ltd., Wai full vocational school students to come to candidates. Hour and a half years to recruit more than 30 employees, vocational school students theoretical foundation to get started quickly, we want to move the mold fitters and other skilled jobs, you need this talent."Company Human Resources Minister Chen Kami to tidy up form , very happy.

"The mold industry, special recruitment, vocational technical schools and industry to marriage once again the depth of cooperation on March 9 this year, the school was officially absorbed into the mold Association, became vice president of the unit. School to join the Association, will learn the entrepreneur essence, accept the guidance of industry experts, so that industry, and enterprises to participate in all aspects of school education, in professional settings, the actual needs of personnel training with the national economic and social development consistent with better order to speed up economic and social development the transformation of the mode of service."Retention and said the city vocational technical school Vice-Chancellor.

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