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China`s mould industry`s domestic and foreign markets

China mold products are now lost to more foreign markets, in addition to the traditional in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asian markets, Brazil, India, Russia, Australia and emerging market development have been achieved. China has 28 provinces, municipalities and regions of the mold were exported to 176 countries and regions, China`s mold coverage and influence in the international market is also increasing.

2011 Model Association organized the 10 pavilions and foreign study tours abroad and attending international conferences, a total of more than 40 enterprises more than 100 people a visit to Europe, America, Japan, Russia, Korea, South Africa, Brazil, India, Singapore and Taiwan other countries and regions, industry, communication and market development, local governments, associations, enterprises also organized nearly 100 person-visits and business negotiations and achieved good results in the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation for enterprise development a good platform.

Gradually improve the structure of mold industry in recent years, China`s mold industry has accelerated the pace of institutional reforms and mechanisms to convert the industrial structure is becoming more rational, more and more foreign enterprises to see the growing Chinese mold market, have entered into the Chinese mold market, many international well-known enterprise of automobile mold, injection mold companies have moved into China, and efforts to enter the Chinese market is very fast, very fast. The foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market, not only the funds to the Chinese market, but also brought advanced technology, equipment and plant management. Such as Japan`s Toyota factory in Tianjin, from planning, factories and production cost a total of less than a year, United States SEKELY companies in North America is a large stamping dies factories, 2006 factories in Shanghai, the second phase of the project mainly stamping dies, North America, Magna in 2006 in Tianjin Airport has built a stamping plant of a certain size, abound in southern China, Guangdong, Shenzhen area, Hong Kong, Taiwan-funded and foreign-funded enterprises, the total sales of the mold become China`s largest region.

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