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China`s mould industry to become a "never declining industries"

The mold is indispensable in the manufacturing of special basic equipment, is one of the important guarantee for the manufacturing industry, industrial upgrading and technological progress. Due to the particularity of the mold itself, he has been widely used in the manufacturing of machinery, electronics, information, and aviation. At present, there are mold manufacturing enterprises is about 30 000, employing nearly 100 million in 2011 sales of approximately 98 billion yuan mold. It is reported that as of 2011 China imported a total of $ 1,964,000,000 of molds, 12.8% of the export mold about total sales

With the manufacturing center to China after WTO entry transfer, the mold industry is expected to usher in an increase of 30%. Compared with the IT industry, the mold professional practitioners value with the working years and the accumulation of experience and continuous improvement is a real never declining industries.

Mold making, diversity, complexity and broad applicability, and therefore the mold industry is known as the "King Industrial."

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