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The Ninghai network help you to enlist global opportunities

Recently, Ningbo Changhua Copper Products Co., Ltd. Ninghai released a supply of information, and shortly afterwards, a U.S. clients through the Web site to find them, and signed more than 200 million of intention contracts. At present, the cooperation projects in the sample development stage.

In the current severe economic environment, more and more businesses use the Internet to publish supply and demand information to achieve global sales and purchases. The Ninghai Enterprise Network  is a county local B2B business platform, site promotion, information dissemination, business communication and secured transactions, and other core functions of four electricity providers to help businesses carry out online trade activities. The site approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Communication Authority operating below the site has a "trusted site" authentication logo, have legitimate to carry out the qualification of Internet information services business. Currently, the site has been opened to supply, buy, business, information, brand, show, talent, investment, forums and other service modules, has been a corporate member customers nearly, the user can visit shops, publish or Buy products and services information, learn about the latest cutting-edge information for business. Is the member units of the site, Ningbo Hung Chang Stationery Co., Ltd. the relevant responsible person said, "facilitate the operation of the Ninghai network page platform technical team services, anytime, anywhere to help customers solve difficult problems.

Ninghai Su four stationery, die, die-casting and automotive rubber parts, etc. "GuoZiHao" industrial base is known, national and global procurement supplier will opt to invest in Ninghai. "Compared to other well-known B2B commerce platform, Ninghai enterprise network is more focused on the release of corporate information and focus on the advantages, enjoy the Ninghai four gold standard industrial base title to facilitate customers to quickly find the information they need, free go to a large number of page to find the phenomenon of insignificance. "the Ninghai enterprise network operators tension network official told reporters. He also reminded the majority of enterprises friends currently online telecommunications fraud was the proliferation of the phenomenon, do not believe the fake Web site or individual without the "Trusted Sites" authentication information publishing platform, in order to avoid damage to property.

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