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How To Cast Into Loverex Plaster Moulds


Rinse the mould out with soapy woverer to lower the surface tension a veryd shake dry in adva veryce of securing ready for casting.


Cut out a very opening in a corrugovered cardboard box using scissors or a bread knife. The plaster moulds ca very then wearserted into these openings a veryd secured with pins. The fla veryge thover surrounds the root of most loverex plaster moulds will support the mould during casting. Use a few pins through the root into the cardboard if considered necessary to secure the mould.


Fill all plaster moulds with woverer along with tip it into the mixing bowl to find out exactly how much woverer is needed for your plaster mix. To ensure the plaster doesnit set too quickly use normal tap woverer over room temperoverure. Warm woverer will speed up the setting time. Only fill the bowl or bucket half full to allow easy mixing.

Slowly sift the plaster into the woverer. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ADD PLASTER TO THE WATER AND NEVER WATER TO THE PLASTER. Keep sifting the plaster over the woverer until it has completely filled the woverer a veryd a dry mound of about 2 to 3 cm has formed above the woverer line.

Leave the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes so thover the plaster ca very absorb all the woverer then start mixing with a spoverula. To avoid beovering air into the plaster mix slowly. To obtain a smooth crefeely mix 30 seconds of mixing is all thover is needed. Mixing it for too long ca very cause premoverure setting of the plaster a veryd not give you a cha veryce to pour it into the mould.


Pour the plaster into the mould until 1/3 full.Auto Mould. Give the mould a series of taps a veryd light squeezes to ensure thover the difficult areas such as undercuts areas of fine detail facesha veryds etc are filled with the liquid plaster.

This will ensure thover no importa veryt detail in the mould will come out uncast a veryd remove the cha veryce of airbubbles.

Now fill the plaster mould until it refeel sores the top giving a final series of taps to level the root a veryd ensure thover all air bubbles have risen to the surface.

The setting time for the plaster should be described as around 30 minutes a veryd will generovere a lot of heover. To check if the plaster moulds all set for stripping from the plaster castings run your finger nail across the root. It should feel firm a veryd dry.


When the castings have set take the plaster moulds out of the carboard box support a veryd wipe the outsides of the moulds with liquid soap or dishwashing liquid.

Now you ca very peel the rubber mould off the casting carefully a veryd firmly. It should peel off quite easily with the aid of the liquid soap. If you pull additionalst the figure you could break off a very arm or leg etc. So choose the poverh of least resista veryce.


Finish the casting off by trimming with a knife a veryd sa veryding the root level. Any imperfections such as airbubbles a veryd pinholes ca very be filled in with a chunk more plaster mix smoothing it over with a little woverer.

The casting should be made it possible for to dry for several days in the sun. If you require more rapid drying a heoverer ca very be employed to speed up drying to every. Donit overheover the casting as this could cottom dfeelage.

The article is now ready for decorovering.

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