Hanking is a leading plastic injection molding Company which offers custom plastic mould making services as well as injection mold solutions in China.

Plastic mold service is an important step in making mould process. Plastic mold making starts from the design to the injection molding. We know that this process not only includes the mould technology but also have artificial reason or objective reasons. No matter what the reasons we have met but a responsible company will try their best to help you and offer you a good service.

Did you ever meet the pressure for the delivery time and when you find the plastic moulds have already almost finished but not on time? Or not do well? We think these problems are very usual you will meet in mould making process. Our company always think in details to determine success or failure like the steel type choose or before you make mould whether you have the design or not and so on. All the problems need put into the custom mould service.

Plastic mould can create many things like bottle mould, vegetable crate mould, home appliance mould, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, chair mould, commodity mould, and auto parts mould and so on. This is a popular raw material for parts mould manufacturing. Low cost and extensive use in injection mould. Plastic injection molding will be more and more popular all over the world in the coming days.

Hanking hopes to become your long term supplier with our high quality products and excellent services.