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Adjusting pad iron is an indispensable tool adjustment adjustment fittingsand equipment leveling, adjusting pad iron is divided into two layers and three layers of adjusting pad iron adjusting pad iron, also known as a tilting pad iron, adjusting pad iron ordinary probably divided into the three, of course, according to the specific situation is different, and the NC machine tool adjusting pad iron, the three layer cushion damping pad iron, iron, but the most commonly used is the ordinary two layer and the three layer areadjusting pad iron.

The two layer adjusting pad iron, as the name implies, the structure isdivided into two layers, upper and lower structure is sloped, the upper part of the whole body through a regulating bolt, bolt back and forth throughadjustments to height adjustment, the two layer has the advantages ofadjusting pad iron is of simple structure, convenient operation, but also toother bearing weight adjust the product is superior to similar.

The three layer adjusting pad iron, corresponding to the two layer adjusting pad iron is added with a layer of the adjusting block, the bottom is a U typeiron, the second layer is a block diagonal iron, through the overalladjustment bolt in the second layer, adjust. The top layer is a flat inclinediron, used for contact machine or adjust device, the three layer adjusting pad iron relative to the two layer pad iron advantage is offset equipment in the adjustment process to a smaller, belongs to the vertical lifting, better tocontrol the displacement of the deviation, but relative to overall bearingimportant less than two layer adjustment iron pad, more suitable for the small requirements for offset, bearing small equipment adjustment and use.

Oblique iron relatively simple, iron is a separate ramp type, usually used to stabilize the equipment and adjustment of equipment directly into themachine or equipment for thin bottom surface, and then tap the oblique iron thick end, coarse equipment, for some level of the products is not high forthe use of oblique iron, and oblique iron cost far less than the other types ofadjusting pad iron, but the use of general bigger.

For adjusting pad iron choice, one is based on the entire bearing deviceand force, two are in accordance with the requirements of level adjustingdevice, the three is based on the displacement demands for equipmentadjustment. Only pre sentence this three, can be a better choice for their own use and product price high.

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