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The prospect of plastic mold

In 2007, the national economy continue to grow rapidly, equipment manufacturing have a good development trend, the environment of international market Die improved very well, effectively promoted the development of Chinese plastic mold industry. Comprehensive all aspects, in 2007 Chinese plastic mold industry showed six characteristics.

      Production and demand maintain high-speed growth 2007, the development of motor vehicles and the equipment manufacturing industry is better than the prolepsis, electronic information and other industries are high-speed operating, the domestic market for plastic mold die in particular have strong demand. prolepsis Die in low-end products with strong competitiveness, the demand of foreign users continue to increase the proportion of Chinese mold, the developed countries will speed up the situation of transferring to the Chinese, which has promoted the needs and supplies of Chinese plastic mold industry, the growth rate reached 20 percent, and maintain a high-speed growth.

       Significantly improve the technological level With the rapid and persistent development of the automobile industry, in 2007,in the automotive field, mold products and enterprises have a substantial increase over the previous year. At the same time, the car industry continued to ask higher requirements versus mold, and the mold technology has improved continuously. In addition, significant export growth, domestic Die technology has improved continuously, because the level of exports mold is higher than the domestic product requirements. In 2007, Domestic die level has been markedly improved, the main problems: the level of Progressive Die rapidly improved, the length of large Progressive has more than three meters, precise progressive die has been matched with the 2000 / min high-speed punch; in hot runner mold and Gas-assisted die aspect, some have reached the international standard. When the CAD / CAM technology is popular, the application of CAE technology is more widely used, CAD / CAE / CAM integration technology have further developed and achieve better results; the innovation results of new structure , new varieties , new technology, new materials die emerged continually, and the patents have increased; the more and higher level dies are Recommended by the Chinese Die Industry Association technical committee experts as national new products.

       Information Management fruitful In 2007, the information management business not only mentioned by many die enterprises on the agenda, and are implemented, enterprises have benefited. During this time, some other software enterprises competed each other home and abroad, the secondary development is fruitful, database is rich day after day. Through the implementation of enterprise information management, domestic Die shorten the production cycle, improved production efficiency, business efficiency has increased.

        Investment enthusiastic and the initial cluster of show 2007, the market production and demand is full and good prospects for development, many entrepreneurs and investors have invested die industry, foreign investment and public funding is still the mainstream, and generally rising investment enthusiasm , larger technological transformation projects and new projects continue to emerge this year. As a cluster of production have some characteristics on facile collaboration, lower costs, expand market, easy intercommunion, and can enjoy more preferential policies, so this mode of production in 2006 was further developed. It is now considerable size of the die City (or die Park, concentrated production base, etc.) have been the dozen, some under construction, preparation or planning building are over 10. In addition to clusters of production, some places is still developing mold Commonwealth and virtual manufacturing, which have advantages similar with production of clusters.

        Brand-building attention Mold has some characters on hypotaxis and the dependence of specific users, brand is not be attended particular in plastic mold industry long time. However, with the development of market economic, brand building in mold industry was regarded by more and more enterprises in 2007. It is understood that we have 10 Provincial and municipal levels well-known (the famous) Die trademarks and brands in my country, individual mold enterprises have declared the well-known trademarks, more had launched the brand-building efforts in 2006. In addition to brand building, the Landmark collective-brand (for example, Yuyao die, etc.) was also displayed its superiority in 2006. Quality management was embedded continuously and environmental protection was more important, a large number of mold enterprises passed international quality system certification ISO9000 and ISO14000 Environmental Management System certification.

      Training intensified As the result of lacking talent die person, especially lack of senior person, in 2007 school and training was regarded in some place. Schools, training, enterprise tripartite forces have increase training intensity. School increased Die professional and increased enrollment, training increased significantly, and increased as many as trainees; they own or take the method of integrating school to strengthen training of in-service workers, with good results. Relevant state departments started to research on long-distance training for die talented personnel aimed to lacking of talented person, mold designers has become a new work which country recognized. Comprehensive, plastic mold industry in China had a high-speed running in 2007, even though production volume and level was increased faster, but it still can not satisfy market demand. On one hand, a large number of high-end products were still imported, on the other hand domestic competition increased, the domestic die industry high-end market facing the strong pressure that import productions and foreign-funded enterprises. in low-end market, fierce competition was existed among private enterprises, and some became disorderly competition in low price each other. With the increase of automobile, electronics, and other major mold users, China Die Industry Association predicted that plastics industry will have a high-speed development, mold quantity, quality and technical level will be further improved. In this circumstances, it is important that how to improve their technology content of product, and get the chance in the competition. 

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