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Netbook west supporting the automotive industry plastic usher in new opportunities

Industrial plastic mould pole shift to the west formed emerging growth industries
In recent years , the western region more rapid growth of the industrial economy , as the " second five" plan and the second round of western development unfolds, the focus of the national industrial structure to accelerate the transfer to the western region .
According to the National Bureau of Statistics data , January 2013 to September , more than plastic moulds industry production scale enterprises totaled 44.6 million tons , an increase of 8.8% , which yields the fastest-growing western region , in January to September in the western region of plastic mould products yield higher than the eastern region of nearly 22 percentage points. Western region has become a new growth pole of the plastic moulds industry .
Cars, laptops wheel drive, plastic mould industry development opportunities ushered in the west
As the leading western Chongqing , the vast region of western range of radiation . Chongqing in the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of new material in 10 major industrial , instrumentation, bio-medicine, electronic information, new energy and other industries as a key development in the future . Southwest's largest plastic moulds and new materials industry base , the city 's first western region of the giant chemical - Chongqing Hensen chemicals market, the Chinese eco- industrial park west of plastic moulds have settled in Chongqing . Chongqing will become the country's largest manufacturing base of plastic mould industrial and consumer markets .
Chongqing is one of China 's second largest automobile production base , motorcycle production and sales ranked first in the country . "Twelve Five" period, the city will build in the " circle of two rivers " as the representative of the Chang'an Automobile , six car manufacturers for the context, 1000 is the backbone of the auto parts factory "1 +6 +1000 " industrial clusters, construction output value exceeding 600 billion yuan of automobile production base .
The automotive industry is one of the most widely used plastic moulds in developed countries , the use of the largest industrial sectors , but also the most potential Chinese engineering fields . Each car in Japan , the U.S. and Germany and other countries of the average use of plastic mould has more than 300 kg , with an average 20% of the total weight of the car . At present, the Chinese average amount of plastic mould per vehicle is 150 kilograms, accounting for about 10% of the total weight of the car , with 10% annual growth rate .
Hewlett-Packard , Cisco , Acer, Asus, Foxconn , Quanta , Inventec , Compal , Wistron, Pegatron and other brands have also entered the foundry business , forming a " brand + OEM + matching" " 5 + 6 + 500 " industrial system . To achieve an annual output of 2015 million units on a laptop , is Asia's largest production base. Gree , Haier , Midea, snow , Deer and other leading home appliance manufacturing enterprises have settled in Chongqing. In addition, the Sharan cell phones, such as Hong Kong Gaudi Group also invested heavily in the construction of industrial parks in Chongqing ......
Chongqing as many plastic mould companies to enter the western market "bridgehead ."
Trade matching new channels into the western market
In order to further deepen and deepen laptop automobile accessory industry, Chongqing will be 27-29 March 2014 , organized by the plastic mould industry with laptop Chongqing International Expo Center , the automobile industry trade pairing , this pairing will be invited to the plastic moulds industry trade advanced technology and equipment providers, mold, plastic mould new materials enterprises in Chongqing laptop, automotive parts and equipment to provide the latest technology and new materials . Exchange and cooperation platform for both sides to build a bigger and stronger plastic moulds , rubber and other supporting industries .
 Trade matching will be held over the same period Western International Plastic moulds Exhibition after nine years of innovation and development , the General Assembly has become the primary platform for the plastic moulds industry in the western region and technological exchanges and investment cooperation . The last show more than 300 exhibitors , the number of visitors reached 30,000 people. Haitian , Wittmann Battenfeld , Siemens, Stowe Shields , the sky , and families are , Yu Jin, Sui , two horses, Haida , Ji Wei , Jia Ming , the sea too , FCS , and other famous enterprises participating. 2014 is expected to show the tenth exhibition area will be expanded to 30,000 square meters , the number of 500 exhibitors , professional visitors will exceed 35,000 people.

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