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April 26, 2014 in Kunshan will host the 25th International Machinery Manufacturing and Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition

Kunshan , east of Shanghai , west of Suzhou , the " Little Taiwan ," said. Recently, announced the " 2013 China mainland investment environment and risk investigation" in the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association results , Kunshan fifth consecutive year won the overall strength of the city 's first highly recommended to become the competitions so far only "five consecutive years ." city. By the end of 2012, Kunshan has more than 4,800 Taiwan-funded enterprises , more than 2,000 foreign-funded enterprises , investment from Taiwan accounted for ninth mainland , Taiwan investment in mainland China to become the most active and the most intensive areas of Taiwan-funded enterprises and cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges one of the hottest areas. 2012 Forbes ranked the best in China Kunshan first county-level cities , ranking first in the country hundred counties in Kunshan , Kunshan full-year 2012 GDP of 272 billion yuan , 852 billion yuan of industrial output value of RMB , total import and export 860 billion. Kunshan has introduced a total investment of over USD 100 million to reach 100 , the total investment $ 24.6 billion , $ 11.1 billion of foreign capital registration , involving electronic information, precision machinery and modern service industries , building a modern industrial system Kunshan become an important support . As an export-oriented economic center , Kunshan has introduced more than 7,000 foreign investment projects from 56 countries and regions , Toyota , Siemens, Pohang, South Korea and other 43 Fortune 500 companies invested in 92 projects in Kunshan , the cumulative arrival foreign investment has more than 21.7 billion U.S. dollars . Kunshan millionth of a share of China 's land , gathering a Chinese foreign nineteen thousandths of arrival . At present, Kunshan Foxconn Technology , Samsung Electronics, Compal Electronics , Tokyo Electric Power optoelectronics, semiconductors sun and the moon , nearly a thousand Konka Electronics and other internationally renowned electronics companies settled. Become an internationally renowned electronic Internationally renowned electronic information industry base, plastic mould industry base, optoelectronic industry base.

As a native of Kunshan only professional machinery exhibition, the Shanghai Exhibition Company Telewide contractors "KLME Telewide Kunshan International Machinery Manufacturing and Machine Tool Exhibition " has been successfully held 24 sessions in Kunshan since 1998 , attracted a total of nearly abroad more than 3,000 exhibiting companies, the total exhibition area of ​​250,000 square meters , the exhibition have achieved great success , has now become the East China machinery industry brand exhibition , which attracted as : DMG , Mazak , Makino , Sodick , Agie Charmilles , Hardinge , Haas , Fanuc , Mitsubishi Electric , Samsung machinery, Zhenxiong , Haitian , Nissei , Toshiba, Germany Spinner , Shenyang Machine Tool, Wenchuan Group , Dalian machine Tool Group , Beijing Electrical hospital , Okuma , North Sea, Kia , French letters, oil machine , Li Wei, Taiwan one , Hexagon , Xi'an Edward , Zhao Schneider , KND , Kazakhstan and other industry brands amount of exhibitors, nearly 20 million people to visit, boutique atmosphere, and business opportunities. 2014 "25KLME" expected the exhibition area will reach 20,000 square meters , 500 exhibitors , booth 800 , attendees 30000 people. I believe 2014 "25KLME" will create greater glories.
Meanwhile KLME professional audience organization committee big net also spread rapidly across the country , unprecedented efforts to promote . The major mainstream media and the professional media have reported KLME show progress and the latest developments, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Coastal Expressway , State Road 312 , State Road 204 , Highway 339 , Kunshan City 300 taxis and other main roads outdoor media advertising promotion in full swing , and , KLME Organizing Committee invite professional visitors and buyers have unprecedented increase efforts to invite buyers range covers machine tools, dies , electronics, textile machinery , engineering machinery , hardware , instrumentation , plastics , automobiles, home appliances, automotive parts , defense industry , aerospace , shipbuilding , railways and rolling stock, new energy and other users all machine plastic mold industry , the Organizing Committee by fax, phone, email , mail tickets , SMS and other ways invitation to the owner of the above industries , technical and procurement staff , was invited along with the country 's major user industries industry associations and related organizations . Units and individuals have been invited Call said it would participate in the exhibition schedule , which is the show's success has laid a good foundation.

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