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Shanghai International Exhibition poised professional development tool has become climate

Shanghai International Exhibition poised professional development tool has become climate
As a Chinese tool industry -leading trade platform - Shanghai International Exhibition cutter cum Tools (CICT) in the concern and support of all parties under the industry in 2013 has successfully completed its debut , as China 's tool industry into a fresh blood and vitality for the development of the industry has brought new opportunities. 2014 , Shanghai International Exhibition poised tool , will be held again at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition held 21-23 October , to continue to improve and innovate, to create a truly professional tool industry and effectiveness of high -quality event.
 Quality corporate propaganda mechanism organizers started first settled
2014 Shanghai International Exhibition insisted tool demand from exhibitors and visitors , constantly upgrading the specifications in all directions to provide the best quality service for exhibitors and exhibition visitors , exhibitors and visitors and strive to achieve maximum effect . Currently, the show organizers have launched a comprehensive business promotion mechanism , the official website of the official opening of the exhibition hall online , online business ahead of exhibitors, ongoing communication, so that professional buyers priority access to your information , will advance included in the procurement plan for the coming year , exhibitors now on corporate and product information may be submitted to the Organizing Committee sent , enjoy VIP Exhibitor Service . Many brands have been first settled , to seize this excellent promotional opportunity, in line with the buyer in advance .
Professional buyers global radiation solicitation plans grand opening
    China as the world's largest production base for manufacturing and machining , tool industry has become the world's largest and most promising developments in the market , many multinational companies regarded China as one of its strategic development market , 2014 Shanghai International Exhibition will focus on strengthening the professional tool buyers solicitation efforts, buyers will cover areas of machine tools, molds , automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry , rail transportation , tools, tools agents, energy equipment , appliance manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, aerospace industry 's top ten user industries , which accounted for 80% of domestic buyers to come from a user -oriented enterprises in East China , South China, Southwest and other regions , supplemented ; foreign buyers proportion will reach 20% , and further enhance the international CICT degree , 2014CICT international buyers from over 10 countries mainly in Germany , France, Japan, South Korea, Turkey , Singapore, United States, Switzerland , the Netherlands, Poland, Spain , the main industry is still involved in machine tools, molds, automotive, machinery and other ten users industries. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to work with professional buyers at home and abroad precise matching to complete their trade , exchange, develop new markets, increase brand awareness programs.
CICT cum cum cutter tool Shanghai International Exhibition , is a major tool in the tool and related mainly materials and measuring tools , supplemented by professional exhibition for all types of machining machine industry and related manufacturing industries for the audience to industry and enterprise development as the goal , the annual session held in Shanghai . For more details, please click

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