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The present situation of foreign molds and its development ( 1 of 2)

As reported, high-tech is widely used in European and American molds, their processing techniques is top-level internationally. It becomes strong guarantee of superior molds fabrication in fastest speed by applying high-tech in mold design and fabrication. 

1) Attributed to high-tech used in mold design and mold processing

a. The widely use of CAD/CAE/CAM shows advantages brought by information technology, In Europe and America, it becomes common-used technology for CAD/CAE/CAM. The application skill of CAD has gets rid of primary stage of drawing board, 2D drawings, and 3D design drawings is up to 70%-89%. And softwares of PRO/E, UG, CIMATRON are commonly used, these can not only help to complete 2D designs, but also obtain 3D model, which guarantee the concertration of NC programe, CAD/ CAM. The application of 3D designs can also be used to verify assembly interference during design stage and guarantee reasonability in design and techniques. The common use of numerical control machine tools assure of precision and high quality of mold components. For mold company of 30-50 employees, it owns about 10 sets numerical control machine tools. The components machined by numerical control machine tools can be assembled directly, it can reduce bench worker quantity sharply. And CAE techniques is gradually mature in Europe and America. CAE analysis software applied in injection mold design can simulate plastic injection molding, analyse cooling stage, predicate defects that may occure during part injection. It can also be used to simulate metal deformation, analyse stress distribution, predicate break, shrinkage and rebound. CAE techniquies is playing an increasing important role in mold design, After applied by COMAU of Italian company, the mold test time reduced over 50%.

b. To reduce lead time of mold fabrication, improve market competitiveness, high-speed machining is commonly used. High-speed machining techniques is featured by high-cutting speed, high-feeding speed and high processing quality, the processing effiency is couples times higher than traditional cutting. Currently, CNC high speed milling is widely used, three axes association is majority, some are five axes association, the turning speed is generally 15000-30000 r/min. it can reduce time of mold fabrication sharply. The mold surface machined by CNC high speed milling can be used with simple polish, lots of time can be saved without graining and polishing. And Europe and American companies stress updating technology and equipment, equipment depreciation period is normally 4 ~ 5 years, the adding of CNC high speed milling is one of the most important investing aspects they fucosed on.

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