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The present situation of foreign molds and its development (2 of 2)

 c. Technology of rapid prototyping and mold fabrication are widely used

With increasing competitive market, productcs are updated constantly and rapid prototyping and mold fabrication emerged and was widely applied in fast speed. In Europe mold exhibitions, rapid prototyping and mold fabrication occupied vital position, there are all kinds of rapid prototyping equipment in form of SLA, SLS, FDM and FOM, also have agents and companies for moldel fabrication. Among the investigated mold companies, majority of them combine rapid prototyping and rapid mold fabrication and apply to mold processing, namely utilize rapid prototyping technique to make product components model, then based on models to fabricate molds. Many plastic molding companies make silicone molding by rapid prototyping, to duplicate plastic parts in small volume, which is very suitable for pilot production.
2) European and American enterprises management experience is worth of studying
Personnel streamlining, minimize the management 
Majority of European and American enterprises are not large sacle, fewer of them are over 100 employees, mold companies investigated are generally 20-50 employees. all department employess are simplized, a position with multi-duties, an employee with more resposibilities, every one busy with his business, simplized and optimize production, steamlining management are well demonstated.
3) Advanced management information system is applied, realised integrated management
European and American mold companies, especially the large ones, basically realised computer management. Computers are used from production plan, process formulation to quality examination, inventory, record etc, all sectors of a company can share computer information.
4) Advanced technique management, high degree of standardization
Compared with domestical mold companies organization of production mold based on bench workers, European and American mold companies depend on advanced technique equipments and operational path to guarantee components precision and production schedule. detailed design drawings are prepared for each mold, including detailed design for each components, and detailed processing techniques are made. If our molds enter world market, reformation must be deepened, and export should be expanded. European and American advanced technology enable them to fabricate large, precise, and complex molds, which stimulate industry of auto, electronics, tele-communication and home appliance, aslo bring great profit. Per capita annual sales reach USD 200000 in American mold companies; it is above USD 100000 in Italy. Compared with domestical mold compaines, though price element excluded, European and American mold companies efficiency are couple times higher than us, to minimize the gap with advanced instrial countries, technology progress must be speed up, CAD/ CAE/ CAM should be applied in large scale, proportion of CNC machining equipments should be enlarged, information technology should be used to improve mold design and fabrication level. Meanwhile, foreign advanced management experience should be referred to. At present, domestical mold companies make both die-casting molds and injection molds, large, medium and small molds, it's hard to do all best. the path of small and specialized, small and professional, small and dedicated should be followed. Meanwhile strengthen the concept of international competitiveness, reinforce international cooperation and technology exchange, export shuld be expanded when improve molds localization, to expand to the world market. 

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