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What should be concerntrated on in injection mold fabrication?

1. Not just concerntrate on part design, and disregard injection mold fabrication. In stage of new product development or pilot production, some customers only concerntrate on product research and development, and disregard the communication with mold makers. Based on our HANKING 20 years experience, after initial confirmation of product strategy, advantages of contact with mold makers are 2 items as below:

a. good molding techniques for designed products can be guaranteed, it won't occur to change the fixed design due to toughness in compoment machining.

b. Mold maker can prepare the design in advance, so fabrication delay can be avoided in case of any unconsidered points.

To make high-quality molde, only supplier and customer cooperate closely, the cost then can be reduced and lead time can be  shortened.


2. Quality, lead time and service should all be considered, instead of price account only.

 a. Molds can be generally devided into 10 categories , based on component material, physical and chemical property, mechanical strength, dimension precision, surface polishing, service time, economy etc requirements, different molds should be selected for injection molding.

b. For high precision molds, high precision featured CNC machining should be used, together with strict requirement of mold material and molding techniques, CAD/ CAE/ CAM mold technology should be utilized for design and analyse.

c. Due to special request in modeling for some components, hot runner, CIM, the nitrogen cylinder should be applied.

d. Mold manufacturers should own numerical control, electric spark, line welding tools and Nc profile milling equipment, high precision grinder, high precision gauge, computer design and relative software etc.

e. Not all mold makers own above mentioned fabrication equipment and technologies. When selecting mold maker, its machining ability should be known, and not only consider hardward equipment, its management level, machining experience and technology strength should also be taken into consideration.

f. For same mold, there's big price gap from different suppliers, mold price should neither higher than mold own value, nor less than its cost. Mold makers need to obtain reasonable profit, to order a very low price mold will be a problem origin, customers should consider from own request to evaluate the quotation.


3. To avoid multi-suppliers, one station service from injection mold fabrication to product production is proposed.

 a. With qualified mold (up to standard samples), may not be able to produce qualified products. It mainly connects to machine tool selection for components, injection techniques (molding temperature, molding time etc) and operators' techniques.

b. With good mold, good injecion techniques is better, it's better to have one station service and avoid multi-cooperation with different customers. If any shortage of equipments, the supplier should take charge of all responsilibity, it should be clearly remarked in the contract.

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