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The fabrication status of domestic high-end auto molds

Recently, as China become the biggest auto production and marketing country in auto industry, domestic auto industry develops in fast speed. In past years, the vehicle type China joint venture auto enterprises manufactured were outmoded or on the brink of elimination; While now, the developed countries auto enterprises almost all enter frozen stage, the trend of China auto production and marketing is rising, China giant auto market and potential forces developed countries regards China as their front position, more and more world auto 1st release are in China.

The rapid development of China auto industry bring domestic auto molds wide development space. Besides, considering cost and market, the molds focus of developed countries are gradually moved to developing countries like China. the comprehensive factors from domestic and overseas stimulates the rapid development of domestic molds indutry, many newly-developing auto molds enterprises emerged. As recorded by China Mold Association 2012, the key mold enterprises was up to 110, among which, 37% produce die-casting molds, China has become a giant and substantial country of auto molds fabrication.

While, due to the slow technology development speed  in high-end auto field, and shortage in technology innovation, research and development, it leads to the development incapability to meet demands in auto industry matching requirement, majority of high-end auto molds rely much on import. The domestic high-end auto enterprise sometimes have to occupy miedium and low end market due to insufficient production workload. 

Though all enterprise survive, medium and low end market profit is very low, it leads to less capital that can be used in research and technology innovation, to some extent, it leads to bad circular, and enterprise is unable to develop in healthy circular, above reasons can creat some distance from true fabrication giant.

Nowadays, with more and more high-end auto molds enterprise exist, the market competition is increasingly fierce. The molds enterprise of high-end not only needs to meet troditional quality, cost, lead time, the new technology research and application will be key development direction. 

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