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Large and precision injection molds have great market potential

 Injection molds are mainly used for thermoplastic parts molding, while they're also more and more used in thermosetting ones. Since injection molding method occupies large portion in plastic parts molding, about half plastic parts are molded by injection molds.

As the home appliance market competition heats up, shell design becomes a vital step, new requirement in color, touch, accuracy and wall thickness for home appliance shell are needed. experts generally hold the opinion that, injection molds featured by large cize, accuracy and reasonable design (mainly for thin wall products) will be popular in future.

In the home appliance industry, it's estimated that moulds quantity for home appliances will increase by 10% during the "twelfth-five year". About 350 sets moulds valued at 4 million in RMB are needed for a refrigerator; about 200 sets moulds valued at 30 million in RMB are needed for a full-automatic washing machine; only plastic molds of 20 sets valued at 1.5 million in RMB are needed for a container; 140 sets moulds in total valued at 7 million in RMB are needed for a color TV, experts also added that, in twelfth-five year, our annual output of color TV will exceed 40 million sets, if calculated by a series molds valued at 7 million in RMB for 100,000 sets TV, so theres a big market for color TV molds valued at 2.8 billion in RMB.

The automotive and motorcycle industry is one of 5th supportive industry in Chinas national economy, the total output of cars in 2012 is over 3.25 million in China, increased by 38.49% compared with that of the past year, with surprising increasing speed, automotive molds has great potential. Thousands of molds valued almost 100 million are needed for each type car, and thousands of molds valued over 10 million are needed for each type motorcycle, its estimated that, molds valued at 10 billion are need for cars and motorcycles are needed every year.

While our manufacturing capability in large and precision molds is short, almost all molds for our high-grade cars are imported, therefore, its very important to improve our techniques in large and precision molds for automobile parts.

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