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The development trend of hot runner injection molds (1 of 2)

 It's by heating that the hot runner keeps plastic in runner and gate melted. Since there's no heating rod or heating ring around or in the centre of runner, all along the runner from injection nozzle outlet to sprue is under high temperature, which can keep material melted, it's generally unnecessary to remove the clot material after injection machine switched off, only the runner has to be heated until required temperature. Therefore, hot runner technology is called heat collecting pipe system or none-runner plastic molding.

As hot runner technology is increasingly used, the proportion of hot runner mold in plastic molds is gradually increasing. About 50% or above 80% of injection molding manufacturers use hot runner technology overseas. Hot runner technology is also used domestically, but less than 10% in total, it's big gap between overseas and in domestic, while it also means rather room to be developed in this industry in China.

In recent years, it's mainly attibuted to that molds made in China are rapidly exported to America and Europe, so that hot runner technology is widely applied. In European and American countries, injection manufacturing relys much on hot runner technology, in another word, molds without hot runner can hardly be exported. But since hot runner molds imported are so expensive that they can not be accepted domestically, some domestic hot runner molds are popular, which is very useful to expand hot runner technology in China.

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