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The development trend of hot runner injection molds (2 of 2)

With hot runner technology increasingly popular in China, its elements develop as below trend.

1st: element standardized. As customers of injection molds request least lead time consumed in mold design and manufacturing, It not only can reduce repetition of design work and mold cost, but also make it convenient to replace and maintain vulnerable parts. Husky, Presto and Moldmaster all use standardized nozzles, valve rods and runner plates for rapid replacement and mold delivery. It's only 4 weeks for mold delivery overseas.
2nd: element miniaturization. it can realise multi-cavity for small volume parts and multi-sprues for big volume parts. More cavities can be added in a mold by diminishing nozzle dimension, it can improve production output and use ration of injection machine, which is as important as time is money for the modern plastic industry. The prestigious mold company MoldMaster developed new nozzles with the whole heater, pinpoint and melt channel (volume dia less than 9mm and sprues distances 10mm only), the nozzles can be used for 1-30g parts molding.
3rd: Design reliablility. the design of hot runner mainfold, pressure distribution of nozzle connection, temperature distribution, and sealing is greatly focused on among leading mold companies domestic and overseas. The development and utilization of stacked hot runner is also hot. Stacked molds can make adding cavities more effective and only needs increase 10%-15% clamping force, and stacked hot runner molds are industrilized in more developed countries.
4th: temperature control system accurized. the control of hot runner mainfold and melted plastic temperature is effective measures that can avoid plastic degregation and product performance worse, by developing more accurized temperature control device. 
World-famous hot runner technology is constantly heading to China, hot runner molds market has great potential obviously.

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