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The mould exhibition in South Africa

South Africa international mould exhibtion is one of the largest trade show in Africa. The organizers have been held the frist trade show since Sep,2011. And the trade show exhibits once a year since then.

South Africa attaches great importants to it and gave support with the hope that it can attract more investors.

The range of the exhibition:

1.plastic mould, die-casting mould ,forging die mold standard parts and mould processing equipment measuring equipment  of cars, motocycles 

2.Detection technology and equipment, measurement and testing technology and equipment, image data processing technology, quality control technology and software and other household appliances.

3.Tools, measuring tool cutting, molding tools, cutting tools, grinding tool, mold and parts, tooling fixture, etc.

4.others. installation technology,automation equipments,welding equipments, and so on.

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