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What problem need to be inspected in mold testing for injection mold engineer

  Injection mold cost a lot in every mold testing, and it will increase the production cost of injection for adding each mold testing. As a qualified injection mold engineer, he should decrease the die trial times, and has specific purpose in every mold testing. Below are the items need to be checked in every mold testing for injection mold engineer:

    1.To check if the appearance of injection product has defect, such as the shrinkage, joint line,burrs,laser grain and so on. Because every die trial occured 
after the injection mold modification. And it will has new defect in every modification.
    2.To check the injection product size. After completing die trial, the mold testing sample should be send to the measuring room for dimension inspection report. To check if the product size is OK.
   3.To check if the item modified last time is OK and if it is modified according to the requirement.
   4.With assembly requirement, it need to check if the assembly of product is OK. 
   5.To check if each part of injection mold has abnormal. Such as the mold leaking, the unsmooth eject, unsmooth product depanning, abnormal mold function.

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