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EuroMoud and TurnTecExhibition in Messe Frankfurt

EuroMold and TurnTec Exhibtion held by Germany DEMAT once a year. The show will hold in Messe Frankfurtinternational exhibition center on Nov26-29,2013.The show  is currently  one of the largest scale and highest level ,even the most representative plastic mould show.

  Exhibition range:

  1.Mould exhitits:Stamping die, plastic mold, die-casting mold, casting mold, forging mold, mold standard parts, and mold processing equipment, measuring equipment, mold rapid prototyping equipment,etc

  2.Tools, measuring tool cutting, molding tools, cutting tools, grinding tool, mold and parts, tooling fixture,etc etc.

  3, Machine tool accessories and spare parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, machine tool electrical and electronic equipment, control and drive systems, the lubricant and coolant,etc

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