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The Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

The exhibition begin to hold since2000 and wil exhibit biennal ever since. There are 158 companies from 18 countries participate in it. Its area can reach 1939 aquare meter and 6729 cusromers come to visit the international plastic rubbre exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    In Nov,2013,the exhibition will also held in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.The exhibition industries are chemical, environmental,energy - plastic, rubber.
    The range of exhibition:
    achinery, plant and equipment for plastic mould and rubber, processing, post-processing, 
    finishing, decorating, printing and marking - moulds and dies,
    ancillary and auxiliaries,parts and components ,
    raw materials and compounding ingredients -semi-finished products,
    technical parts and reinforced plastics - services,etc

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