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South Korea International Mold Exhibition

The fourth Korea Welding Busan Korea held by Korea Medal internet company. The exhibition has been in 3 periods. Korea is one of  the most dynamic country. It has the stable economic foundation. The developed industries and the increasing exportation have pushed Korea  became one of  the fast deveplop countries in the past 10 years. 
   Its exportation is diversify and competitive. Besides,  with the recent relaxation of financial regulation and control of foreign exchange and opening up,theres is a great growth in  foreign securities investment. 
  The exhibit range:
  Welding equipment, security protection tool ,surface treatment equipment,
  metal forming ,laser application equipment
  The exhibit time and place:
 Noc,1417,2013 in  Busan, South Korea, Asia.
   Korea has high level about  design, produce in shipbuilding industry. Busan is the traditional place in automobile steel shipbuilding port and construction industries. The Korea market is very potential is very big.

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