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How to solve the long injection circle problem ?

 The long injection circle is not only will increases costs, but laso will affect the delivery date. Then how to shorten the circle of injection molding?

1.The injection temperature of plastic mould is too high, and lead to the long cooling time. Thus it should be lower the temperature of gun barrel, and adjust each part temperature of gun barrel.
2.The wall of product is too thick and lead to the long fill time. With the premise of not affect the product structure and performance, we should modify the product and minish the wall of product.
3.Improve the condition of injection machine, such as oil pressure,oil mass,mold clamping force and so on. So as to make the injection machine production stably.
4.Strengthen the mold cooling, the cooling waterway is too small or unreasonable will lead to the cooling time is too long. We should modify the mold water line and shorten the mold cooling time.
Above are the methods that to improve the circle of injection mould. But one point need to be noticed, shorten the circle of injection moulding should be make with the premise of assuring the injection product quality.The artical is from injection moulding

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