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Electronica/Productronica India

Electronica/Productronica India is the branch exhibition of Electronica and productronica in India.

It has held successfully 13 sessions because the support of 6000 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors.

Since the first injection mold show, the exhibition became expand its scale constantly to bring more profit for exhibitors and it became the specific biggest electronic show of South-Asia region.

The exhibition will hold on September 04-06,2013.
Electronica: Semiconductor, sensors, relays, switches, connectors, and passive components, motor,injection mold,etc
 Productronica: Materials processing, spare parts production, Welding technology, system integration & components of production technology and equipment, etc
 It is estimated that in2015, the India Electronic hardware manufacturing industry will reach 1550 billion dollars. The future of technology in India is potential.

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