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How to solve the blinster problem in the process of injection molding

In injection moulding, injection product will has bllinster. And if the injection product is transparent, it will has severe influence on the quality of injection product. Why the injection product will has blinster? How to solve the blinster problem of injection product?

1.Density Bubble. This blinster is mainly caused by the shrinkage of injection product. The injection product with thick wall in cooling, as the cooling speed of surface is faster than the middle, it will cause to starved in the centre of injection product and form to vacuum situation.It can be reduce the injection speed, inprove the injection pressure, add the feed supplement, used the material with high melt viscosity to solve this kind of density bubble of plastic molds.
2.The gas volatilized by the sizing material. This kind of blinster can be solve in two methods:1. longthen the dry material time to make the sizing material dried enough. 2. lower the temperature of sizing material to reduce the gas which is volatilized by plastic.
3.The poor flowability lead to the gas. We can raise the temperature of resin and mould, improve the injection speed to solve this kind of blinste based on injection mold manufacturers.

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