plastic mould, injection mould

An exhibition in Hanoi

The exhibition has been held since 2004. In 2008, the show received 128 companies and 11,400 
people visit the plastic & industry exhibition. It will bold in April,2014 in Hanoi,Vieanam,Asia.
Scopes of exhibit:
Plastic: plastic blending machinery, blow moldingand extruding machines, plastic compounding, 
plastic cutting machines and cutters, die cutting and casting machines, plastic dryers and 
mold heaters, injection molding. Rubber: rubber blending nachinery, mixing and refining 
machines, product molding, flat plate vulcanizer, press and molding, mold cleaning, spin 
casting, plastic injection mould,hermoforming machines. Quali
The show aims to bring more chances for both sellers and buyrs. In recent years ,Vietnam has 
been developed very fast. So the potential market in Vietnam is enormous for manufacturers and 
businessmen of plastic mold making

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