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The exhibition in Egypt

The biggest organizer in middle eastACG-ITF will hold the automech Akhbar el in Cairo, 

Egypt. The exhibition has been held once a year since 1996. It is the most influential one in 
North Africa. It attracts most attention of all the auto media in the world and win the praise 
of auto parts manufacturer and accessories supplier.
All kinds of vehicle, vehicle, bus, truck, injection moulds motorcycle; 
Automobile and motorcycle parts, components and parts, auto repair equipment, maintenance 
products, car wheel, speaker systems and equipment, auto industry products, in-car 
entertainment system at a gas station equipment, battery power, air conditioning and 
refrigeration systems, automobile and motorcycle decoration products, electronic machinery, 
engines, security systems, etc.
Egypt has a superior geographical location, It is located in the north east of Africa, and 
across northeast of Africa and Asia Africa. Actually, Because it is hot in Egypt and there are 
bad conditions. the auto accessories parts update rate is very fast. It is naturally to know 
the market of auto parts in Egypt is very Egypt.

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