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Why have some burn injection products?

Why  have some burn injecton products?We analysis the reason , if  the parameter of injection moulding be changed ,injection product may be burn.Of coruse ,the injection mold and injection molder may make the product  burn,but we will use the defferent  method  to solve the problem.

1.injection molder may make the product burn,such as the temperature of injection molder Tube,We should timely clear the injection molder Tube.
2.the reason of injection mould,exhaust of injection mould is not enough ,It is main the reason,so We should add the exhaust of injection mould.
3. Condition of molding.such as the pressure of injection is high,it may make the plastic be burn,Moreover,the speed of injection is too quickly,it will cause the product to be burn.We can pass reduce the pressurt and the speed to progess this problem of injection mold shows
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