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Mould enterprise will acquire huge business opportunities in Guangzhou mold exhibition

Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition Asiamold will be held on 24-26 September 2013 at the Poly World Trade Expo. The Seventh Asiamold successfully attracted more than 400 mold companies come to showcase the latest mold solutions and advanced technology. Many of whom are well-known mold manufacturing enterprises, including Zhejiang KAIHUA, Gree Daikin. With Seoul mold, Haonianhua Pood a number of export-oriented the mold companies continued exhibitors also verified Asiamold the mold industry, the most important export platform. It is worth mentioning that more and more 3D printing the participation of enterprises, such as the the micro deep Tianjin Science and Technology, Magicfirm, LLC, Hangzhou Shining three-dimensional, also confirms the 3D printing a pivotal position in the manufacturing industry.
In addition to well-known mold enterprises, advanced Asian countries industry associations will also focus on appearance Mould Exhibition Asiamold in Guangzhou to lead the members to bring high-end technology come to the exhibition, such as the Federation of Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Manufacturing, Mould Industry Association of Japan, South Korea Fastener Industry Cooperative , the die-casting industry synergy of Korea, Malaysia Mould Industry Association, India plastics Processing industry Association. At that time, China plastic molds suppliers will usher in the huge business opportunities.

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