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The 4th International Specialized Exhibition

The 4th  International Specialized Exhibition of raw materials, equipment and technologies for the production of plastic goods and items will traditionally be held from 18 till 20 of June 2013 in one of the best exhibition grounds of RussiaCrocus-Expo, Pavilion 2.


1 RAW MATERIALS: polymeric gums, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubbers, caoutchoucs and elastoplasts;

2. SEMI-PRODUCTS: films, sheet, profiles, pipes, fibers;

3. ITEMS from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymeric systems;

4. EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGIES: machinery, facilities, lines, pilot production innovative machines for modernfabrication methods of semi-products and items;

5. MEANS OF PRODUCTION INFRUSTRUCTURE: robots, chillers, ovens etc., means of logistic infrastructure;

6. SYSTEMS for equipment diagnostics, means of monitoring and control;

7. SYSTEMS for technological equipment management, software;

8. EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGIES for disposal and recycling into items.

9. INTELLIGENT innovations and services, specialized printed and on-line media.

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