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Pet Vet Russia Expo

Pet Vet Russia Expo is an exclusive b2b event for pet industry professionals covering the most essential branches of pet industry such as aquaria, terraria, pet products, food technology, veterinary medicines and equipment.

Pet Vet Russia Expo is a place for business, marketing and branding, a platform for exciting opportunities packed with an educational program for all participants. The three days event is assigned for professionals, who attend to source new and concept designed products for their retail pet stores, veterinary clinics and wholesale trade, who want to stay on top of industry news and trends. The expo will bring together pet industry representatives, entrepreneurs, importers, distributors, representatives of retail and wholesale trade from all around Russia and the globe.

Pet Vet Russia Expo is the only event in Russia, which introduces overseas manufacturers of the pet and aquatic products interested in Russian market to the local wholesalers.

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