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The International Flower Exhibition

Subject:International exhibition of flowers, plants, equipment and technology for floriculture and landscape desig

Date:09 -11th September 2013 , Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo"

The International Flower Exhibition - the entire industry floriculture, flower business, ornamental horticulture, landscape design, flower arranging.
"FlowersExpo" - promising a successful exhibition project, supported by many participants in this sector of the world market.
The purpose of the exhibition
1.demonstration of world achievements in horticulture, landscape architecture, landscaping, creating a healthy and comfortable environment
2.provide concrete assistance to domestic producers to increase production efficiency, the introduction of innovative technologies, new varieties of modern equipment
3.promoting the goods and services of exhibitors at the domestic and foreign markets
The benefits of participation in the exhibition 
1.Venue - the most modern exhibition area of ​​Moscow.
2.Guaranteed quality of service due to the professionalism of our staff, their years of experience in organizing international exhibitions of the subject.
3.Large set of participants, which creates optimal conditions and allows to get the maximum effect from the show.
4.Favorable conditions by optimizing the cost of participation that can reduce your costs and most effectively present your company.
5.Special programs to attract visitors, allowing to create the conditions for effective business communication.The artical is edited by plastic molds supplier.

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