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Why Plastic Flows Better in Aluminum Injection Molds?

There have been numerous articles published regarding the cycle time advantage aluminum molds have over steel when configured with the same gate, part geometry and cooling channels, but there is little specific information available to demonstrate why this happens and how it improves the injection mold process.

Alcoa Forge and Cast Products teamed up with Aluminum Injection Mold Co. (Rochester, NY) and sponsored a case study to uncover the differences known to exist when molding thermoplastics in aluminum versus steel molds. The key objectives were to quantify the differences by comparing how thermoplastics react in an aluminum mold versus a steel one, measure those differences, and share the results of the experiment. The results should help mold makers and molders better understand the potential savings and improvements for molding plastic components in aluminum tools, specifically addressing how:
1) Plastic material flows longer distances with less injection pressure, when compared to steel
2) Molds fill faster and more efficiently
3) Parts have minimal warp and better dimensional stability

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