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Electrical products make injection molding process more complex

Electrical Products miniaturization and the increasing diversification of making injection molding manufacturers often face the need for complex, precision, thin-walled plastic products, processing problems, which posed a challenge to the injection molding technology. 

In recent years, the use of functional electrical and electronic products increased convergence, therefore, manufacturers have begun turning their attention to product design, hoping to use a variety of different shapes of products to meet the individual needs of consumers, expanding its product market share. In addition, as mobile type of portable communication equipment, in order to make consumers more convenience in use, its shape is designed to be more compact structure. Meanwhile, in order to ensure battery, internal occupied space must be designed to reduce the shell thickness of such products. Thus, thin, precise injection molding workpiece in electrical and electronic industries have been applied massively. 
The different shapes of thin-walled, precision injection molding workpiece wall thickness is often less than 1MM, such as the various connectors, IT workpiece, PMMA DVD machine, LCD panel, PC phone  and so on. Such complex workpiece shape, high surface accuracy, and therefore injection technology has made very high demands.

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