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What's about mold repairing service?

According to incomplete statistics, machining industry, die each year a variety of machine tool consumption value of the total value of five times, can significantly with knowledge, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, electronic industry mold market is so huge. Another example: In the metallurgical industry, annual consumption of only hot roll over on 300 thousand tons, hot roll steel production costs accounted for more than 5%. Consume a lot of mold, not only directly increase the production costs, but due to frequent replacement of tool and die production line caused by a large number of the more frequently cut into the larger economic losses.

Mold Repairing Machine is to repair the mold surface wear, processing defects in high-tech equipment. Mold repair machine principle is the use of high-frequency electric spark discharge principle, the workpiece without heat welding, to repair defects on the surface of metal mold and wear, the main feature is the heat-affected area is small, mold will not deform after the repair, non-annealing, No stress concentration, crack does not appear to ensure the integrity of the mold; also can take advantage of its enhanced features of the mold workpiece surface enhanced processing, and die wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.
Mold Repairing Machine enhanced die life long, good economic returns. Can be applied to a variety of iron-based alloys (carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron), etc., nickel-based alloys and other metal materials, mold and the workpiece surface strengthening and repair, and a substantial increase in service life. The artical is edited byplastic molds supplier.

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