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Dental-Expo 2013

From 16 to 19 September in Crocus Expo will be held the 34th Moscow International Dental Forum and Exhibition "Dental-Expo 2013". This event already promises to be a landmark judging by the scale of the exhibition and the scientific program. During the many years of the Dental-Expo has firmly established itself as the largest dental exhibition in Eastern Europe, surpassing in scale events in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Gothenburg and other countries. Traditionally in Moscow in September is going to the cream of the global dental industry, and representatives of all the countries of the former CIS.

Dental-Expo last year was a great success in the first week of the Russian Dental, accompanied by a number of key events dentistry country. This year the Forum will again provide a vivid rich program and a huge selection of products from around the world at the stands of exhibitors. For the convenience of visitors, foreign participants will be combined into a possible national pavilions, some of which are involved with the support of national governments and ministries. Topical issues outpatient dental surgery, function and aesthetics, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of emergency conditions in the nature of somatic dental surgery, endoscopy in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, innovative technology functional diagnostics in periodontics. Effect of joint and muscle pathology on the results of the orthopedic treatment, differential diagnosis of chronic foci of infection of the facial skull and the problems to be solved in an outpatient dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery and Otorhinolaryngology), serious plans for the exhibitors to train at the booths, etc. DENTAL-EXPO will also provide visitors with new interactive services, such as electronic catalog. This will allow users to better prepare for the show, and then get on the show even more and make the next step on the path to perfection. The artical is edited by plastic molds supplier.

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