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Developing high-end CNC machine tools

Domestic machine tool companies vigorously the implementation of technology innovation, product structure adjustment has made great progress. In order to meet changes in market demand, many companies have reduced the low-end machine tools, general manufacturing, numerical control machine tool to speed up the upgrading of the economic pace, focus on developing high-end CNC machine tools and production lines. 

Nevertheless, China's machine tool business is still "big but not strong, small but not special." Data, machine parts and components imports in 2009 continued to grow, suggesting that components of domestic machine tool industry can not meet the requirements of the host. No real leading enterprises in China, industry concentration is too low, and spare parts for small business low quality sub-level of technology gap greater. 
It is also why the beginning to flex its muscles around the joint build a CNC machine tool industry cluster, hope this will carry forward China's machine tool industry. Let us gradually into the high-end machine tool industry. The artical is edited by plastic molds supplier.

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