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The 12th International Exhibition PCV Expo

The 12th International Exhibition PCV Expo will be held 29 October - 01 November 2013 in Crocus Expo.
PCV Expo, one of the biggest events in Russia and Europe, brings together producers and consumers of industrial pumps, compressors, pneumatics, valves, actuators, engines and seals.
In 2012 more than 340 companies from 26 countries joined PCV Expo. The 4 day exhibition was attended by over 5,693 visitors from all regions of Russia. PCV Expo visitors are representatives of industrial enterprises and distributors who are potential business partners interested in signing new contracts.
The exhibition will feature pumps, compressors, pneumatics, valves, actuators and engines for:
Production, transportation, and oil and gas processing
Thermal and nuclear power
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy
Water supply and sanitation
PCV Expo rightfully occupies a leading position in the exhibition market and is a coordinating centre for all major sectors of Russian industry. The artical is edited by plastic molds supplier.

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