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2013 American International Mould & Technology Exhibition

Show time: June 13 C 14, 2013

Organizers: DEMAT GmbH
Venue: Chicago
AmeriMold " was host on June 13, 2013 -14 at the Chicago Rosemont Stephens International Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by Germany in Europe (Frankfurt) Mould Exhibition organizers, DEMAT Exhibition organized by professional mold exhibition in Europe (Frankfurt) Mould Exhibition, International Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, has been 18 years of history, which is the world's largest and most authoritative mold exhibition, open to trade visitors only. In 2010, a total of 38 countries in 1384 exhibitors and 86 countries, 55,301 professional visitors visited the international concept of exhibitors (22,633) accounted for 40.9%. exhibition area of 65,000 square meters. U.S. mold Mould Exhibition Exhibition is Europe's brand extension in the United States, there Mould Exhibition huge success in Europe as bedding, we have reason to believe that the United States and Mold Exhibition will become the most influential American continent mold exhibition.
Exhibits: stamping dies, plastic molds, die casting molds, forging dies and molds products, all kinds of mold standard parts; machining centers, CNC milling machines, boring machines, lathes, drilling and other types of metal cutting machine tooling; various types of electric machines, laser processing equipment.
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