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Six mold market future trends

First, the mold increasingly large. This is due to the increasingly large part molding and high production efficiency requirements and the development of a "a multi-cavity mold a" caused.

Second, the precision of the mold is increasing. 10 years ago, precision mold precision is generally 5 microns, it has now reached 2 to 3 microns, and soon a micron precision molds will be listed. This requires super finishing.
Three, the multifunctional composite mold will be further developed. In addition to the new multi-functional composite mold stamping parts, but also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking, the performance of the steel requirements are also increasing.
Fourth runner mold plastic mold in the proportion gradually increased. As a result of hot runner mold technology can improve productivity and quality parts, and can produce significant savings of raw materials, so the application of hot runner technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries, many plastic mold factory produces more than half of the plastic mold with a heat channel technology, some manufacturers utilization rate reached 80%, the effect is very obvious. Hot runner mold in China has also been produced, some enterprises utilization rose to 20% to 30%.
Five, with the plastic molding process of continuous improvement and development of mold and adapt to high-pressure gas-assisted injection molding process will follow the development of mold. Such mold requires good rigidity, high pressure, especially for precision mold cavity should be quenched, gate sealing, mold temperature can be accurately controlled, so the die steel is very strict performance requirements.
Six, the standard applications will become increasingly widespread. Standardization of mold and mold standard parts of the application will greatly affect mold manufacturing cycle, and also improve the quality and reduce the mold die manufacturing costs. Therefore, the standard mold used in a "fifth one" period is bound to be greater development.

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