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2013 South African International Mould Exhibition

AFRIMOLD, South Africa International Mould Exhibition is Africa's largest trade exhibition, the organizers is the European mold EUROMOLD exhibition, in September 2011 organized the first exhibition held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the annual session, the South African government attaches great importance to the exhibition and given strong support, greatly facilitate and attract domestic and foreign investors.

The South African government create a special financing tool to encourage enterprises to participate in energy, power, mining, transport, information, telecommunications, and manufacturing and other key industries. The South African government's industrial policy action plan, as well as energy integration planning provided approximately $ 115 billion of investment for the development and upgrading of infrastructure, including renewable energy power generation.
South Africa car has strong purchasing power, the government has also actively supported the development of the automotive industry in South Africa, South Africa will be the future of the automobile, automotive plastic mold, auto and auto parts stamping die development of the market. Related equipment automotive market driven demand for technology and services is growing, the market potential is very big.
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