plastic mould, injection mould

The ways to classify molding mathine

(1) Injection molding

Added  the first plastic injection machine to  heat barrel, plastic heat fusion, the injection screw or plunger, driven through the nozzle and into the mold cavity mold casting system, due to physical and chemical action of hardened stereotypes become Injection products. Injection molding having injections, pressure (cooling) and plastic stripping process constitutes cycle, and thus has injection molding cycle characteristics.
(2) compression molding
It known as compression molding, molded plastic parts is one of the ways. Compression injection molding the plastic is added directly to a certain temperature, the open mold cavity, the mold is closed and then, under the heat and pressure into a molten plastic flow state. Since the physical and chemical effects, leaving the plastic hardening into a certain shape and size remains the same temperature plastic parts
(3) extrusion molding
In a viscous flow state  to make the plastic  at high temperature and under a certain pressure, having a specific cross-sectional shape through a die, and then at a lower temperature, into a desired cross-sectional shape shape profiles a continuous molding method.

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