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72-hour visa-free policy in Guangdong

August 1, Guangdong will become following Beijing, Shanghai the third area after implementation of 72-hour transit visa-free policy. Guangdong airport authority introduced that in July, 2012.
  Transit passengers of the 45 countries holding ticket and visa to go to the third countries, via to Baiyun Airport to transfer to a third countries, without a visa and will be allowed to visit anywhere in the Guangdong Province during their trips.
  The State council have stated on promoting the development of civil aviation industries focusing onbuilding made a fully function, globally radiation international aviation hub through Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. 
  The deputy points out that implementation of visa-free policy can it has a great influence on creating the international aviation junction and promoting Guangzhou nationalization. Meanwhile, it was estimated that in 2015, the international visitors in Baiyun airport can go over 20% than before.
 It was  introduced by journalists  since in Aug, 2004 when Baiyun airport began officially use, the visitors has increased 4 times and the travelers have reach 8,300,000 in 2012. The travelers in Baiyun  airport will skyrocket. 
  It was estimated that the travelers can break through 1,000,000, and in 2015, it can reach 1,500,000 after the implementation of 72-hour visa-free policy.
   The list of citizens of 45 countries can apply in Baiyun airport visa free stay : Austria, Belgium, Bracil.
Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and so on . The list is the same with previous announced by Beijing, Shanghai.

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