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Our company--hanking plastic manufactory (shenzhen) Co.,Ltd is a leading mold  exporter and manufacturer. With 20 years of experience for injection mold  export and die casting manufacture, our clients are all over the word, and mainly in the below countries: Argentina¡¢Australia¡¢Australia¡¢Belgium¡¢Brazil¡¢Belarus¡¢Canada¡¢Switzerland¡¢Chile¡¢Germany¡¢Denmark¡¢Spain¡¢France¡¢United Kiongdom¡¢Italy¡¢Japan¡¢Lithuania¡¢Luxembourg¡¢Libya¡¢Mexico¡¢Nether lands¡¢Norway¡¢Poland¡¢Portugal¡¢Russia¡¢South Africa. If you want to cooperate with us, we will provide the following nine services for you:

1. Most competitive mold price in the world.
2. The professional mold project management team which has 28 engineers to complete your project.
3. Offer the weekly mold project report and mold progress picture to you.
4.If you want to modify the product, we will arrange to modify the mold immediately, and ensure to complete as soon as possible.
5.Send the TO sample to you on schedule and delivery on time.
6. If you have any question, we will reply to you in 24 hours.
7.We have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, mold quality guaranteed.  
8.Welcome to visit our factory any time, we will be full for your services.
9.After delivery, we have specialized after-sale service team to provide track service.

Our business scope: 
The injection mold, die casting mold and injection molding product for home appliance, articles for daily use, car, digital electronics,etc.Welcome to inquire, we will response in 24 hours.

Our contact information:

Tel£º+ 86-755-84066782


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