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Injection Mold Action Guidelines

1.       Mold Opening Action Guidelines
1.1   The cavity slide opened prior to the mold open.
1.2   One cavity slides' action order: the first slider hydraulic cylinder open, then hydraulic
cylinder of core open; At last cavity open.
1.3   Mold opening sequence shown in the drawing of mold structure.
2.       Ejection Notice
2.1   Core slide opened prior to the mold open.
2.2   Core slide's action order: the first slider open; Then angle pin open; At last Cavity open.
2.3   Two step ejection on this mold, the first stripper plate ejection; Then ejector pin ejection.
2.4   There is accelerate ejection in the mold; First ejector pin ejection; Then air pressure
3.       Mold Closed Notice
3.1   Before mold closed, ejection plate must be returned completely.
3.2   Ejection plate return completely prior to the core slides.
3.3   Core slides return completely prior to the mold closed action.
3.4   Core slides action order: the first hydraulic cylinder return; Then slider return; At last the
cavity and core insert return.
3.5 The order of cavity slides return: the first cavity and core return, then hydraulic
cylinder return; At last slider return.

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