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Injection mold making introduce the performance of plastics for you?

 All kinds of plastic have different pyroconductivityˇ˘thermal deformation and so on, The plastic of  high specific heat should  more quantity of heat in injection molding and choose the injection molder of high energy.    the  cooling time's The plastics of thermal deformation  ie  short.but it must prevent transformation of cooling.The cooling speed's The palstc of low specific heat is very long,so the plastc product must be enough cool.We must add the cooling effect of injection mold,The injection mold of hot runner is used to the plastic of low  specific heat.If the cooling speed is low,We must choose the appropriate injection molder and add the coolig of injection mold.Choose the injection material,we should according to the structure and purpose of injection products.of course,The price of injection material is be consider.This will reduce the  cost of injection mold and products.Above all are knowledge of injection materimal today.The artical is from injection mold.

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