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Mould maintenance operating instructor

Objective: To regulate the mould maintenance method in order to ensure the mold keep normal secure status, to ensure the production run smoothly, to ensure that the quality of the products and to extend the service life of moulds.

Flow: According to the product maintenance plan of production management department and the actual condition of mould to keep the mould in good condition. The moulds maintenance must be made under the guidance of mould section supervisor or monitor.
Operational program:
1. mould decomposition
(1)    Before the mould is decomposed, making mark in the place of no product to prevent misleading orneglected loading.
(2)    To take apart the mould core, place it in order according to the original position. If there is a gasket, it must be placed according to the detach position and well mark.
(3)    According to the product condition to mark the key maintenance position.
2. After the mould is decomposed, it should be cleaned.
(1)    Put the mould product in the electrolytic cleaning machine to clean 20 minutes, and then to blow up, to dry and to rust protection.
(2)    In order to prevent the product from too much abrasion, using the fine grit rubstone or abrasive paper as much as possible when grinding and cleaning the product surface.
3. Confirm the product
(1)    Every product should be confirmed after cleaning: no crack, no defect, and no drag mark.
(2)    To check whether the waterway is smooth, if not, clean the waterway, and change the waterproof rings etc.
(3)    To check whether the sliding part such as the guide pillar and guide bush etc. are burned or not, if yes, recoat the lubricant.
(4)    To check whether the ejector pin and ejector sleeve have bending deflection or not, if yes, replace them, clean and recoat the lubricant.
(5)    To check whether all the fixed parts like the screw is damage or slippage, if yes, retightened and update.
(6)    To check whether all the matching surface of mould core burn or not, if yes, polishing and handle it accordingly.
(7)    To check whether auxiliary device of mould as the limit switch is damage or not, if yes, replace it.
(8)    To check whether the air discharge duct and exhaust path are clear or not.
4. Mould assembly
(1)    Finished mould cleaning, according to the original mark to put the mould in die basket (Please note to correct assembly, prevent from short-ship or neglected loading).
(2)    When a mold loading, the thimble and guide pillar of the product must be coated with lubricating oil, screw must tighten, can't loose.
(3)    Clean the mould roundly.
(4)    With the hot runner, the mould should be cleaned and reconditioned the line.
(5)    If the insulation board of mould has any breakage, it should be replaced.
5. Mould safeguard
(1)    When die assembly, the moving side and fixed side of mould must be coated with the anticorrosive oil.
(2)    Put the mould in the mould frame according to the specific location, and and put them in order, identification outside.

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