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How to Select an Excellent Mould Manufacturer

China Dongguan city Changan Town was known as the town of mould, there are more than 3000 mould manufacturer now in China Dongguan city, the registered capital from tens of thousands to millions. China Dongguan city Changan Town has the mould maker manufacturer's employees from several to hundreds, the amount of the people who work in the field of mould and the related industries has reached nearly 50,000. China Donggaun City Changan Town is the name matches the reality of the mould township.

For customer, more mould manufacturer is good for them. However, it also cause the confusion about how to select a good manufacturer from these manufacturers. For example, as the different scale, the administrative cost of every factory is different accordingly. Therefore, even if the same mould, there will be different quotations in different factory. Sometimes the several times difference between the lowest and highest price is also usual. Because the professions intense competition, some manufacturers in order to grasp the customer often quote in accordance with the production cost price, but this kind of vicious competition is good looks for customer at the beginning, but from long-term development view, it is bad for both parties; Because it makes the factory has no profit, and the factory has to reduce the production cost. But to save the production cost is often started with reducing the quality of the mould, and it is the most worrisome thing for customer. As a mould buyer, how we can select a good manufacturer from China Dongguan City Changan Town mould manufacturers?
At first, customer should know what product needed to be developed and start with the market positioning of the product. And classify the China Dongguan City Changan Town mould manufacturer to high-middle and low grade. Moreover, to searching for a manufacturer who is suitable for their own need for inquiry, so that the customer can get the satisfied price.
1Low Side Daily Consumer Product
This kind of product is such as the childhood toys, the plastic daily consumer product and garbage bin etc. The market demands is large, it along to the popular consumer goods. The accuracy requirements of  product is not high. Some of them are even disposable products. You can find some small factories or small workshop to develop this kind of product. The structure of this kind of product is sample accordingly, and matching request is not high. No matter what scale of the mould factory, they all can reach the requirements basically. These factories can manufacture the mould according to your sample and the manufactured mould can reach your requirement basically. These factories always has no own machine equipment, it provides the opportunity for survival and development of these factories owe to the integral matching industry has been formed in China Dongguan City Changan Town. 
2Medium Plastic Product
The market demand of home appliance and automotive parts that we use in our daily life is large. The request for the quality of product is above normal, and the request for the appearance of product is also higher, the matching structure of product is more complex, and these requests is can not be done by small mould workshop. So you need to find the medium mould manufacturer. You can screen the mould manufacturer when you find the mould manufacturer, because you will communicate by phone call and quote the mould at the beginning, the professional mould manufacturer will research your drawing after receiving them, and may be they will come up with some product problem when they know your requirement (sometimes the customer will ask why you will ask the question but another mould manufacture are not ask, and require to provide the quotation directly. And they will even wonder the manufacturers professionalism). For these mould manufacturer, you should more respect, because their responsibility that they come up with the more suitable proposal for your product may be will help to modify your product scheme and save your mould production cost. Because the specific mould manufacturer always experienced to some specific products, their proposal is always pertinent. There are many these kinds of mould manufacturers in China Dongguan City Changan Town and you can select one from them.  
3High-end Electronic Product
To develop the high-end plastic product need the hardware and excellent technician of the factory, whole company and every staff in touch with you and you can feel the culture of the company. The factory which can develop the high-end product need fully equipped, and you must investigate the factory personally. Including the employees work environment, and survey the operating process of mould processing. Then you will find more and develop your mould in     there trustingly.
Product will be modified in the process of mould development, so the response speed of mould manufacturer need quickly. To solve the customers problem efficiently so that we can manufacture the customer satisfied product. Therefore, the after-sale service of mould is must not be overlooked.

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